uxgigs.co is a no-fuss job site created specifically for UX/UI freelancers and contractors.


I'm Simon, a UX Designer who decided to start freelancing full-time at the start of 2020.

To cut a long story short, I was spending a lot of time trawling countless job sites for contract UX jobs.

I found most of the jobs on these sites were irrelevant or out-of-date, and it took up quite a bit of my time. And those job alert emails you could sign up to? Far too frequent and not much better.

After being unable to find a better alternative, I created uxgigs.co. It's a weekly email that pulls together the best freelance and contract UX and UI design jobs, taking the effort out of finding new work for UX/UI freelancers and contractors.

Ironically, whilst I hope this site helps others, it doesn't make finding work any quicker or easier for me (I'm sourcing the jobs afterall!).

Quality, not quantity

Most other sites seem to focus on quantity. But this makes finding relevant jobs more difficult and time-consuming.

I'd rather focus on quality – even if that means I only send one job a week.

So, to keep the quality of the jobs high and accessible for all subscribers, I make sure all jobs are:

  • Remote-friendly.
  • UX/UI Design and Research jobs only.
  • Posted within the past 3 working days.
  • Outside of IR35!

Credit where credit's due

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