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Average freelance Product Design day rates in the UK

What is the average day rate for a freelance Product Designer in the UK? We've analysed the 8 Product Design jobs posted since 2023 on UX Gigs. Read on to find out how that compares by seniority and city.

Last updated 10/01/2024.

What is an average freelance Product Designer day rate in the UK?

The average day rate for a freelance Product Designer in the UK is £403. This is based on 8 Product Design jobs posted on UX Gigs.

Where can I find Product Designer jobs in the UK?

There are a number of job boards for Product Design jobs in the UK. Sites like Indeed and LinkedIn can be a great place to start. You can also browse the UX Gigs job board for freelance Product Design jobs specifically in the UK.

How do freelance Product Designer day rates compare across the UK?

Remote freelance Product Designer day rates in the UK

The boom in remote design jobs has been a real benefit for Product Design jobs, bringing in higher day rates with the flexibility of working anywhere in the country. The average remote freelance Product Designer day rate in the UK is £405*.

*Based on 5 jobs.

How do freelance Product Designer day rates compare inside and outside of IR35?

IR35 is the tax legislation that is designed to stop people who are essentially employees from avoiding tax by providing services through an intermediary such as their own limited company.

If a contract is deemed as inside IR35, it means the person will have to pay income tax and national insurance like a regular employee. As a result, rates for roles inside IR35 are generally higher than those outside of IR35.

The average day rate outside of IR35 for a freelance Product Designer is £403.

The average day rate inside of IR35 for a freelance Product Designer is £546.

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What is a product designer?

A product designer, as the name implies, is responsible for the design of a product, be that physical or digital. Given that UX Gigs is focused on the digital design space, we'll focus on digital product designers.

From a digital perspective, a product designer will be responsible for the design and experience of digital products. This includes Software as a Service (SaaS), apps and internal software tools.

A product designer is often involved in all areas of the design process. Be that generating early ideas, creating wireframes and prototypes, running user research sessions and testing, or crafting high-fidelity UI designs.

A product designer's goal is to create a successful product. One that provides an amazing experience for the user whilst also meeting commercial goals.

What's the difference between a product designer and a UX designer?

There are many similarities between product and UX design. Both roles involve understanding the user, creating wireframes and prototypes and testing ideas.

One big difference between the two is their priorities. A product designer is responsible for creating a successful product from a design perspective. This means considering user needs and the user experience (both critical for a successful product) but balancing that with commercial goals.

A UX designer is responsible for the user experience and addressing their needs. The reality is that speaking from personal experience, a UX designer will still need to be aware of commercial goals and limitations even if it isn't their main focus.

Some companies will also separate UX design, UI design and User Research disciplines. In this case, the UX designer won't be involved in designing the user interface or conducting user research and instead will focus on ideas, user flows and generating wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes.