Designer Day Rates

Browse the average day rates of contract and freelance UX, UI and User Research jobs by discipline and seniority.

149 jobs analysed so far. Rates updated weekly.

Last updated 6 Oct 2021

Day rates by discipline

Product Design16 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £422/day
UI Design16 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £397/day
UX/UI Design45 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £390/day
UX Architect1 jobRemote (UK)Avg. £500/day
UX Design45 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £402/day
User Research21 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £464/day

Day rates by seniority

Product Design
All Levels16 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £422/day
Senior7 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £432/day
UI Design
All Levels16 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £397/day
Midweight2 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £333/day
Senior2 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £365/day
Lead2 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £400/day
UX/UI Design
All Levels45 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £390/day
Midweight2 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £313/day
Senior3 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £425/day
UX Architect
All Levels1 jobRemote (UK)Avg. £500/day
UX Design
All Levels45 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £402/day
Senior13 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £430/day
Lead3 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £420/day
User Research
All Levels21 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £464/day
Midweight1 jobRemote (UK)Avg. £320/day
Senior3 jobsRemote (UK)Avg. £584/day
Lead1 jobRemote (UK)Avg. £650/day


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